They talk about Hack In Paris 2011 !

Posted on May 09, 2011

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Hacker News Network

Editor in Chief and News Anchor, Space Rogue, founded the Hacker News Network as a “blog before there were blogs” in 1998. For over two years, Hacker News Network was the “Voice of Reason” (a phrase given to it by MSNBC) for computer underground and Internet security related news stories. While HNN has been on a ten year hiatus the Snake Oil, FUD and other shenanigans in the computer security industry never went away and the dumbed down level of reporting in the mainstream media still exists and is worse than ever. Space Rogue and Tan have resurrected The Hacker News Network and have returned with HNNCast, The Buffer Overflow and other shows to be announced soon. This effort will attempt to expose, educate and spread the truth, not only about security but the news that involves the people of this community. The Hacker News Network and HNNCast have been redesigned to fit a new era in Internet based news broadcasting.

The Hacker News Network talked about Hack In Paris 2011 during one of their podcasts. Our event is also present in their 'IT Event' calendar

Korben is a French blogger publishing regularly on his blog, His blog deals with IT security, geek stuff, and many other fun stuff. 

Korben talk about Hack In Paris 2011 here !



CNIS mag'


CNIS mag' presented Hack In Paris 2011.



Hakin9 is a free, online, monthly publication on IT Security. The magazine is published in English and is available in the Internet as a FREE download. It is a source of advanced, practical guidelines regarding the latest hacking methods as well as the ways of securing systems, networks and applications.

Hakin9 currently supports Hack In Paris 2011