Hack in Paris 2014 – Archives June 23rd - 27th, 2014

Jun, 26

Digital Energy – BPT with Paul Coggin
Fuzzing, reversing and Maths with Josep Pi Rodriguez and Pedro Guillén Núñez

Jun, 27

Extreme forensics Reloaded 2Q /2014 with Alvaro Alexander Soto
DEBATE - GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE : SECURITY VS. PRIVACY? with Dave Kennedy, Annie Machon, Eric Freyssinet and Hans Van De Looy
Advances Burp Pro, 100% hands-on with Nicolas Grégoire
Corelan live bootcamp with Peter Van Eeckhoutte
Hack it like a boss: hands-on weaponized hacking with Valerie Thomas and Tim Lawton
Responding to BIOS/SMM attacks with John Butterworth
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