Hack in Paris 2018 – Archives June 25th - 29th, 2018

Jun, 28

Silent wire hacking with Erwan Broquaire and Pierre-Yves Tanniou
Auditd for the Masses with Philipp Krenn
DEBATE - To Serve Man AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Security with Winn Schwartau, Michael Masucci and Gregory Carpenter

Jun, 29

Knockin' on IPv6's doors with Fernando Gont
The Bicho An Advanced Car Backdoor Maker with Sheila Berta and Claudio Caracciolo
Hunting PBX for Vulnerabilities with Sachin Wagh and Himanshu Mehta

Jun, 25

Infrastructure Security Assessment with Abhisek Datta and Omair
Practical IoT Hacking with Aseem Jakhar
CCISO with Jeroen van der Vlies
Corelan live bootcamp with Peter Van Eeckhoutte

Jun, 26

Jun, 25

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