General terms of sale

Objet and general Dispositions

The present general terms of sale apply to any order of training or tickets for the Hack event In Paris passed near company SYSDREAM. That implies the general acceptance by the purchaser and his adhesion full and whole with the present general terms of sale and prevail on all general terms of purchase. The event being organized by a French company, and proceeding on the French territory, the law applicable are those of the French legislation.

SYSDREAM reserves the right to make be reproduced the name of the customer on a list of references, except adverse opinion of this last.

SYSDREAM defines the necessary level to follow the internships it proposes. It falls to the customer to check whether the level of its staff called to follow the aforementioned internships matches the necessary level.

Price and payment

Terms the expenses of participation understand: formations, supports of course and coffee breaks.

The prices are those in force at the time of the emission of the order by the customer.

Any started formation is due in entirety. SYSDREAM establishes the final invoice the last day of formation/conference, or before according to case. For the companies, the invoices are payable with the order of SYSDREAM thirty (30) days Net following the date of invoicing. For the individuals, the invoices must be paid with the order of SYSDREAM before the beginning of the formation/conference.

The expiry on the invoice is stipulated in light on the invoice. Any non-payment (whole or part) by the customer at the limit and this, except carryforward requested by the customer and granted by SYSDREAM in a formal way, will involve a late penalty equalizes with once and half the rate in force. These late penalties automatically apply, as the law has about it on the new economic regulations (NRE) of May 15th, 2001, without no preliminary formal notice on behalf of the service provider being necessary.

Assumption of responsibility by a OPCA: It is up to the customer to make a request at its OPCA within the necessary times. If the acceptance of assumption of responsibility OPCA did not arrive to SYSDREAM before the last day of the formation, the entirety of the price of the formation will be invoiced with the company.

All training have a minimum of participants required. If you registered to training that will be canceled for lack of participants, SYSDREAM will refund you.


Registration of a training or a conference becomes effective only after reception by our services of a purchase order or a bulletin of registration, duly well informed. SYSDREAM will address a convocation including general information and practices related on the course or the conference.

An order is valid only after acceptance of SYSDREAM under about eight. In the event of unspecified modification (designation, quantity, date.) of an order confirmed by SYSDREAM, the conditions before granted cannot be taken back without our agreement.

Any cancellation of formation must be confirmed imperatively in writing at SYSDREAM, ten (10) days before the beginning of the formation. No cancellation is possible for the conferences. Any request for cancellation of conference will be systematically rejettée.

For a formation, if cancellation intervenes less than ten working days before the beginning of the course, SYSDREAM will invoice expenses of cancellation accounting for 50% of the price of the internship and 100% if cancellation intervenes less than 5 working days before the beginning of the internship.

SYSDREAM could not be held responsible for the consequent expenses or damage with cancellation for a internship.

Property rights

The internship can understand documentation intended for the internal use of the customer. Any reproduction, modification or disclosure with thirds of whole or part of these internships or documents, in some form that it is, are prohibited without the prior written consent of SYSDREAM.

Juridiction – Conferring of powers

In the event of litigation between the parts relative to L interpretation and/or the execution of this contract and after an attempt of research D a friendly solution remained unfruitful, fast competence is allotted to the bankruptcy court of Bobigny, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or call in warranty. Moreover Any litigation, whatever the nationality du/des customers, remains always subjected to the French right.

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