General terms of sale

General conditions of sale

The current general conditions of sale apply to any training or ticket ordered to SYSDREAM. It involves a total agreement from the purchaser on the current general conditions of sale and purchase. As the event is organized by a French company on the French territory, French law is the applicable law.

SYSDREAM reserves the right to include the name of its client on a reference list, unless otherwise stated.

SYSDREAM determines the required level of knowledge to join its trainings. It falls to the company to check whether the level of its staff participating in the training matches with the required level or not.

Costs and payment

The participation fee includes: the training, the course materials, the lunches and the coffee breaks. The prices are those in force when the client books its training.

Any started training has to be paid in its entirety.

SYSDREAM makes the final bills the last day of training. They are payable to the company SYSDREAM within the thirty (30) days that follow the invoicing.

The due date is clearly written on the invoice. Any (whole or part) non-payment at the due date will involve a payment penalty equal to one and a half times the prevailing rate, except if the client asks for deferment and SYSDREAM formally agrees on this request. These late payment penalties automatically put into practice, without prior notice from the service contractor, as provided by the Law on Economic Regulations (NRE) from May 15th, 2001.

Note for French customers : Prise en charge par un OPCA Il appartient au client de faire une demande auprès de son OPCA dans les délais requis. Si l’acceptation de la prise en charge OPCA n’est pas arrivée chez SYSDREAM avant le dernier jour de la formation, l’intégralité du prix de la formation sera facturée au client.


The registration for the training/conferences is effective as soon as SYSDREAM receives the order or registration form duly filled in. SYSDREAM will address a convocation including general and practical information concerning the course.

A registration is valid after SYSDREAM acceptance within a week. In case of any change (designation, quantity, date) of an order already confirmed by SYSDREAM, the previous granted conditions can not be confirmed with SYSDREAM agreement.

Any cancellation has to be put in writing and imperatively sent to SYSDREAM within 30 calendar days before the beginning of the training. If you cancel less than thirty calendar days before the training starts, SYSDREAM will invoice cancelation charges accounting for 100% of the total costs. No cancellation is possible for conferences. Any request concerning the cancellation of a conference will be systematically rejected.

SYSDREAM can not be held responsible for the expenses or damages incurred due to the cancellation of a training course or a postponement at a later date.


The training includes documents intended for an internal use of the customer. Any reproduction, modification or disclosure to a third party of all or part of these documents or courses, in any aspect, is prohibited without the prior written consent of SYSDREAM.

The competent jurisdiction

In case of dispute between the parties linked to a problem of interpretation or execution of this contract, and after an unsuccessful attempt to find an amicable solution, the formal jurisdiction will be attributed to the Nanterre Commercial Court (Tribunal de Commerce de Nanterre), notwithstanding plurality of defendants or third party. Indeed, any litigation remains subjected to French law, aside from the nationality of the client(s).

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