Challenge #HIPGame’s rules

Once again, Hack in Paris is giving you a chance to win a ticket to Hack in Paris conferences.

This game contains a few rules that we ask you to follow.

Challenge #HIPGame

Rule 1

Who can play?

We want this game to be fairly played and accessible to anyone who feels in a challenge mood. That’s why everybody is welcome to have a try, and to participate.

However, note that every single member of our company, Sysdream, cannot participate.

Rule 2

How to play at the #HIPGame?

The #HIPGame will be released on Twitter and Facebook with 2 challenges. The first one will be posted in May.

To validate a flag, you will have to send us an e-mail at with the correct flag and at least an alias. We will send you an email back, to tell you if you won the tickets!

Rule 3

Who wins?

2 challenges, for 2 winners.

2 challenges, for 2 winners. For each challenge, the first person to send us an e-mail with the correct flag will be the winner.

Be aware that you can win just one time. Everyone has to have a chance to win.

Rule 4

“Eyes on the price!” But… what price?

This year, Hack In Paris wanted to give you something special.

Each winner will earn a Ticket to access the 2-days conferences at Hack In Paris (including lunches and breakfasts).

Rule 5

How about the write-ups?

As we all are a part of a huge community, we ask the winners and anyone who wants to have a try, to publish a write-up and to do it after the #HIPGame is closed.

Be fair play, and do not publish any flags or write-ups before the end of the game ! Notice that every winner who will be caught publishing a write-up before the end will be disqualified immediately.

Rule 6

How to get your price?

Please send an e-mail at and give us your information (email, last name, surname, position and company).

May the force of the hacking be with you!

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