Sysdream is the cybersecurity division of the Hub One Group. It provides corporate customers, both public and private, in France and abroad, with a wide range of solutions focused on technical and organisational auditing, IT security training and cyber-training.  In terms of infrastructure protection, it has an innovative approach to the implementation of an SOC (Security Operating Centre).

To address the issues of cybersecurity now and in the future, it draws on its research & technology watch laboratory. Since it is independent of any hardware or software solution, it can guarantee perfect objectivity in its recommendations and the technical choices operated for its customers. Sysdream is PASSI (Information Systems Security Auditing Service Providers)-certified by the ANSSI (French National Agency for Information System Security).

Sysdream is the originator of major events such as Hack In Paris, an event dedicated to cybersecurity professionals, and La Nuit du Hack (Hacking Night), the biggest annual convention for ethical hacking in France.



Talks will be held on July 1st & 2nd at the Maison de la Chimie’s Amphithéâtre. International speakers will discuss several technical topics during 45-minute presentations.


During a 1, 2 or 3-days training, you will learn and practice in a dedicated and supervised environment animated by hacking and security professionals. All trainings will be given exclusively in English.


This year, for the third time, we provide you real time interpretation of talks from English to French. Headsets will be available at the entrance of Maison de la Chimie in return for your identity card (we’ll give you back your ID, after the reception of the headset).


This year, we replaced the traditional Attack-Defense CTF (previously held at La Nuit Du Hack) by a public Capture The Flag challenge in jeopardy mode. Test your hacking skills by solving all types of challenges. The best participants will receive prizes at the end of the event.


Hacker Jeopardy comes to Paris for the second time! Teams compete for great prizes & global bragging rights. Winn hosts and makes fun of everyone. Massive audience participation. Tons of swag! Bring your knowledge and your HUGE sense of humor.


A Workshop is an opportunity to meet specialists and discover special tools or techniques around a booth. It offers a chance to get your hands on a technique and actively interact with the presenter. Access is free and sessions, typically short, are repeated throughout the day, so that anybody can get his slot.

Live Hacking Event

Hack In Paris is organizing a Live Hacking Event with Yogosha, the french bug bounty leader. Bug bounty allows companies to test their security with independent hackers from all around the world, and pay them depending on the vulnerability they find.

Thursday party

The Thursday party will be open to everyone. Stay tuned to know the place !


The Maison de la Chimie, is a place that combines an elegant architecture of an old mansion, and modern Art Deco. All in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Old building equipped with modern technology that will ensure your comfort throughout the event.


For any information, you can contact us at [email protected].

Hack In Paris is looking for sponsors! Please contact directly [email protected] if you are interested.

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