Sysdream is a French leading provider of IT security audits and security trainings. Founded by two security consultants coming from a fervent editorial team in charge of several newspapers (Hackerz Voice, Hackademy Journal), Sysdream was born to satisfy a growing need of trainings and audits (penetration testing) from the attacker point of view (offensive security or ethical hacking) for companies with important security requirements.

Since 2004, Sysdream has been hiring the best technical profiles in this area thankfully to the (white hat) hacker community initiated and maintained by their founders. They all have from 5 to 10 years of experience during which they actively participated in public research (technical articles publication, responsible disclosure) aiming at increasing the global security level of applications and information systems, either commercial or free.


The Maison de la Chimie, is a place that combines an elegant architecture of an old mansion, and modern Art Deco. All in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Old building equipped with modern technology that will ensure your comfort throughout the event.


For any information, you can contact us at [email protected].

By phone : +33 1 78 76 58 16

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